Grandshores Technology


Grandshores Technology Group Limited (“Grandshores Technology”, stock code: 1647) is principally engaged in construction, blockchain and industrial/medical related businesses.

Grandshores Technology’s construction business provides integrated building services in Singapore, with a focus on maintenance and installations of mechanical and electrical (M&E) systems, and including minor repairs and improvement works; and undertake building and construction works in Singapore. We have more than ten years of experience in the provision of maintenance services for various building systems in Singapore.

Since May 2018, Grandshores Technology expands its footprint into blockchain business, which extend the Group’s civil, mechanical and electrical engineering capabilities towards high-end specialist services, such as design and construction, operation and maintenance and management of data centres and other high performance data processing facilities and equipment in relation to blockchain technologies, with the goal of generating synergistic effects with the existing business of the Group.

In March 2019, the company further expanded its business to industrial and medical related fields, such as the cultivation, and processing of industrial hemp and the application of its extracts in medical and consumer goods industry.