Our principal activity is the provision of integrated building services, the scope of which includes maintenance and installation of various building systems for both public and private sector projects in Singapore, and also includes minor repairs and improvement works. Maintenance services are repairs and servicing (including preventive and scheduled maintenance as well as breakdown maintenance) to ensure proper functioning of the existing building systems, including but not limited to (i) electrical systems, such as lightning protection and warning systems, light systems, power supply and cabling systems, and fire protection and alarm systems; (ii) mechanical systems, such as air-conditioning systems, mechanical ventilation systems, plumbing and sanitary systems, and automatic gates and doors systems; (iii) domestic systems, such as central antenna television systems; and (iv) specialist systems, such as lift systems, security systems and communication systems. Installation services are applicable whereby significant changes need to be made to the existing systems, or for new buildings. Minor repairs services refer to handyman services for wear and tear on fixtures and fitting. Improvement works refer to services performed complementary to installations and/or replacements of the building systems, as such installations and replacements may affect the surrounding fixtures and fittings.

A typical integrated building services contract has a specified contract period of one to four years, during which our Group may be required to perform a range of different services in respect of different building systems at a specified building or at various premises. In some contracts, the contract value and the scope of work are fixed, while in other contracts, there is no fixed or committed contract value and the actual amount and nature of works required to be performed by our Group are subject to the customer’s work orders from time to time during the contract period, which are charged according to a pre-agreed schedule of rates. We are generally able to derive recurrent revenue from an integrated building services contract during the contract period as preventive and scheduled maintenance services are normally required on a regular basis.